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Race in Polish Tatras

This year's ski mountaineering season finished racers of LUSTi Team two races in Polish Tatras. Both races were situated to the mountains near Zakopane. On Saturday our races completed demanding track (16 km long with an elevation of 1600 meters). In a top national competition Radoslav Groh finished at 2nd place and Lucie Luštincová at 6th place. Second day the organizers prepared tracks in the beautiful environment around the Morskie oko. In this race Radoslav finished at 1st place. Photo: Bartlomiej Korzeniowski.

about our company  
Galus Industries Ltd. is a Czech manufacturer of skis, snowboards and other sports equipment, located in a town of Zacler. In 2000, our company started producing limited quantity of high-performance racing skis for the Czech market under the brand nameLUSTi. Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality equipment at a very attractive price point. Our Company also produces summer sports equipment, such as longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards.