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Summer training of our ski mountaineering representatives

Summer is almost over; it means that winter is approaching and the ski mountaineering season knocking on the door. Although our team will be equipped with one of the lightest skis on the world for the upcoming season, they don't leave anything to chance. They train hard and finish summer training at this moment, within which underwent several challenging races: Radoslav Groh stood together with his partner at start Rock Point Horska Vyzva on Saturday 9. 8. in Giant Mountain. On track 34 km long with an elevation of approximately 1 950 meters they were with an overview on the 1st place! Lucie Luštincová raced on Saturday 16. 8. in the Beskid Mountains. Salomon Slezsky Maraton is 40,5 km long race with an elevation of approximately 2 150 meters and Lucka were on the 1st place overall among women. Congratulations!:)

about our company  
Galus Industries Ltd. is a Czech manufacturer of skis, snowboards and other sports equipment, located in a town of Zacler. In 2000, our company started producing limited quantity of high-performance racing skis for the Czech market under the brand nameLUSTi. Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality equipment at a very attractive price point. Our Company also produces summer sports equipment, such as longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards.