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Nikola Sudová - representant Czech republic in ride moguls

In 2010 began to represent our brand driving in moguls Nikola Sudová. Skis for this discipline are specific in that, it is used at their manufacture several layers of fiberglass in various bindings. It is a very narrow and hard skis, where there is no emphasis on driveability. Thanks Nikole Sudová, had skis Lust opportunity to penetrate the Olympic Games to Vancouver and Sochi.

Michal Peč

The next racer Michal Peč represents LUSTi in freestyle skiing.

He said about us

"I cooperate and participate with the company LUSTi in the development of freestyle and freeride skis for 6 years. I'm glad that I can collaborate with the company and I appreciate their professional attitude. I have changed many skis of all brands and I can say that in terms of quality skis LUSTi can compete with all companies worldwide. From assortment of skis can choose to complete beginner as well as the most advanced freeskier and freerider. With skis I'm absolutely satisfied and I definitely wouldn't change for others. I can only recommend to all!"

Michal Peč

František Jetmar

As well as Michal Peč, František Jetmar represents the brand LUSTi in freestyle skiing. He represented us at the Junior World ChampionshiP.


"I'm from a family of downhill skiers, so I engaged from childhood downhill skiing. I do a freeskiing six years. In the season 2008/2009, the first time I tried the freestyle skis LUSTi. To the next season I bought my own and started training almost daily on them. After two years on skis LUSTi I wanted to try other skis plus I got an offer from company Coreupt to ride on their skis. Gradually, I discovered that I more satisfied with LUSTi and after two seasons I returned to them. I think that skis LUSTi are always incredible and I am very satisfied with them till now. Last year I was able to ride the following results:

1st place - Czech cup (junior category), Pec pod Sněžkou
2nd place - Czech Championship (junior category), Pec pod Sněžkou
30th place - Junior World Championship, Valmalenco - Itálie
4th place - Horsefeathers Iron jam, Železná ruda
8th place - Czech Cup, Vítkovice

"What I like about LUSTI ski is that they are hard and they are great in both big and small jumps. They are also playful and easily controllable in rails. I admire and respect LUSTI Company because they help me with every problem with my skis. Broken skis are quite usual when having a crash in freestyle, but it has never happen to me with LUSTI skis, it definitely shows a good quality of skis. It’s great to fell save, when getting over shoot in big jump. Now I know, that my choice was perfect and personally I can’t imagine, that I will have other skis then LUSTI.

Fanda Jetmar

Pavel Čiháček

The next is Pavel Čiháček, world vice-champion in riding on skibobs.


"With LUSTi I began cooperate before season 2013/2014. Surprised me immense selflessness and verve into the production of skis for skibobs. Immediately in premiere season new skis surpassed my expectations for their reliability and behavior. Even in difficult racing conditions, especially on the ice, are skis LUSTi uncompromising and do exactly what we want."

Skis LUSTi helped to me in the season 13/14 to 2nd place in the Super-G at the World Championships and immediately gained popularity among foreign teams. I look forward to further cooperation."

Pavel Čiháček

Bára Roubalová

Barča Roubalová represents skis LUSTi in downhill skiing.


"Rivals have also skis, but I've got a LUSTi.

I ride on skis LUSTi since 2014, and among my greatest successes include: 

1st place in SG on the republic races (RKZ)
2nd place in GS in the championship of Prague
3rd place in SL in the championship of Prague
2nd place in GS on the republic races - Canceled
5th place in SG at the Czech Championships
6th place in GS at the Czech Championships
8th place in SL on the republic races"

Bára Roubalová

Lucie Luštincová, Radoslav Groh

Currently, we dedicate to development of racing ski mountaineering skis LUSTi. In this category we have two team members - junior champion of the Czech Republic Lucie Luštincová and champion of the Czech Republic Radoslav Groh.


"On skis LUSTi I ride all my life. Even as a child I started to competitively pursue downhill skiing and I raced about 9 years. I have always been faithful to the brand LUSTi. With the skis I have always been very satisfied, and therefore wasn't reason why I should changed the brand, when I started to competitively pursue ski mountaineering. Skis LUSTi didn't disappoint - they are light as a feather and in the downhill they do everything what you want. I believe that we will achieve many more successes."

Lucie Luštincová

Michael Turek

The next racer is Michael Turek, represents the Czech Republic in telemark skiing.

He started with telemark skiing in 2003. Since 2011/2012 he is participating (with couple of breaks) in Telemark World Cup and World Telemark Championships like a member of Czech National Telemark Team.In winter season 2011/2012 he produced a motivational and methodological telemark movie called TELEfilm with huge support of LUSTI company.Winter 2015 season was quite a success for him, he won Czech National Telemark Cup.Michael is a big telemark promoter, he runs telemark courses and spreads telemark ideas as much as he can. In September 2015 was participating in Czech Demo team on INTERSKI congress in Tierra del Fuego in Argentina.


"I ride LUSTI skis for more than 8 years. Previously, of course, especially on a normal alpine bindings. Our family business sells LUSTI and it was really only a matter of time before I mount a telemark binding. Both leisure time skiing or racing and training in gates, I choose RT GS. I am not looking much for better ski for sure, but I didn't find something better for dynamic telemark turns."

Michael Turek
about our company  
Galus Industries Ltd. is a Czech manufacturer of skis, snowboards and other sports equipment, located in a town of Zacler. In 2000, our company started producing limited quantity of high-performance racing skis for the Czech market under the brand nameLUSTi. Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality equipment at a very attractive price point. Our Company also produces summer sports equipment, such as longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards.