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Our story

Meet with story of brand LUSTi performed by the owner and founder of the company Mr. Luštince.

Everything started with snowboard

I was born and I live in Žacléř, in a small town in the Giant Mountain, where I spent my free time in the winter mainly on skis. Although I never raced, skiing was always very enjoyable and I think I ski very well.

As the time passed, winter sports was expanded to include snowboarding and because I like trying new things, snowboarding naturally very interested me. At that time wasn't normal to go to a store to buy a snowboard, let alone have a choice. Since I was always manually skilled and a lot of things I can make myself, occurred to me that I could try to make my first snowboard.

Difficult beginnings

Žacléř used to be a mining town and it was almost clear that when I was deciding where to go after primary school, I will go in this direction. I studied at mining school in Malé Svatoňovice, majoring in "repairman mining machinery and equipment." I assumed that I will spend all my life in the mine. But in the context of the forthcoming liberalization of prices of coal and loss of competitiveness was production to 31st of December 1992 terminated. Then the shaft worked another six months in liquidation, but then what?

At that time I built a house, I had a wife at home, two year old daughter and another daughter on the way. Around this time I also made my first snowboard. Production was, as the saying goes, "Cooking from the water." I have never been take a look in Company, which would produced skis or snowboards so I started by "experiment and error". The first products weren't perfect, but suddenly one known wanted snowboard from me, then another, and then came the idea to start the production of snowboards. Somehow I had to take care of the family. The worst is that with any new product no one expects to you.

The beginnings were very difficult. I didn't know how should the machines look like, in which the snowboards and later even skis I will do. Luckily I have a good technical understanding and manual dexterity, so I made machines for producing by myself. Also, I came to how I should produce skis and snowboards. Today, everything looks easy, but already just find out, how to actually make a shape for skis and snowboards, if you've never seen it before, it wasn't easy.

I did everything by hand. At first I started sketching skis or snowboards on sheet metal, then cut out them with saw and with this way to get progressively some form. And I didn't know if the skis in such forms ever do. Plus, I had at the beginning very little money, and so I had to let go into production of machines. I'm mining locksmith, I can weld and do with iron but how produce such a press, if you don't know how it should look? Luckily, I have to say that the machines that I constructed, always worked very well.

Last hope

At the very beginning I had a companion, who disappeared after the first failures, and to me remained debts at the bank. Next year another man ordered a large order of snowboards, which took but didn't pay. When I was completely broke and I really didn't know what to do next, came demand from the fax on hundred snowboards from an Austrian firm.

We were to meet in a hotel at 11 pm. I took the last money, I gained an interpreter, and off we went. We waited there until one o'clock in the morning, but no one came. We decided to leave the hotel and I lost the last remnants of hope. On the way to the parking we met and saw a man, who was walking into the hotel. It was him and we agreed on the production of a hundred pieces of snowboards.

We drove home with the feeling that should be finally better times. But the debts that I had were big, so how can I buy material for a hundred snowboard? So I went back to the bank to apply for another loan. There they first thought that I was kidding, but for me it was the last hope. I explained that if they borrow me more money, it's a bigger chance that I will repay debts, if not, probably I couldn't do it, because I hadn't got money.

Finally, we agreed and I left with a new loan. The offer for the Austrian company we have done, and eventually we began produce to them regularly. During a few years I have paid debts and I could slowly begin to pursue further development of the company.

Construction of new hall and first skis brands LUSTi

We started be quite successful, so we left in 2000 to build the current production hall and we made here the first of our skis. These skis were without any design, logo or brand, just plain, bare skis. On the slopes were different and aroused considerable interest. Because skis was owned mostly by my friends, they tell them no differently than "Lušťovky", according to my surname. It was a small step to the current name LUSTi. At that time I met with coach Filip Marek, whose daughter raced, and he wanted to his daughter raced on czech skis LUSTi. Moreover, even my two daughters raced, so why they shouldn't ride on my skis.

I always wanted to do the high-quality skis and sell them at the lowest price. We made classic honest sandwich skis, with structures which had and have a racing ski world brands, which means that where should be wood is simply wood, where should be titanal is titanal - skis are not "ripped off" and needn't have to meaningless decorations that only support marketing. The chosen process is working well. At that time, skis new and unfamiliar brands bought primarily excellent skiers because of their driving characteristics, which proved to be one of the best advertising. In a flurry of continuous expansion of the range and large volume of work, when there was no time for any marketing it showed that the best advertising is satisfied customers who have awareness of the new brand and they spread further this information among the people on the ski slope.

New face of LUSTi

From 2013 we cooperate with a designer who put a new face on skis. Above all therefore that is the unification style, colors and fonts, which are meant to symbolize vigour, purity, simplicity and modernity.

The collection is very comprehensive and skis LUSTi is to recognize at first glance. Nowadays, the production of company LUSTi is about 6,000 pairs of skis a year. Production focuses mainly on downhill skis, our offer is very wide, you will find in it all possible types of skis, even skis compliant FIS. But also we produce high quality snowboards (freestyle and racing "slalom"). Furthermore, are in our offer freestyle skis and recently we started production of racing skis on ski mountaineering.

What's next?

Currently, we are beginning produce summer production, like a longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards. And of course we constantly expanding range of skis and snowboards. We want to improve the quality of production so we purchase of new machinery and we thereby move our products forward.

about our company  
Galus Industries Ltd. is a Czech manufacturer of skis, snowboards and other sports equipment, located in a town of Zacler. In 2000, our company started producing limited quantity of high-performance racing skis for the Czech market under the brand nameLUSTi. Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality equipment at a very attractive price point. Our Company also produces summer sports equipment, such as longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards.