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The price is dependent on the length of skis and type of bindings.
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A very turnable slalom ski for fast short turns. Extremely playful and agile, ideal for riding on the edge at low and medium speeds.

Thanks to its short radius, a wider and softer tip and a quality cap construction (which is more resilient against chopping off than the sandwich construction) with an all-wood core and triaxial laminated load-bearing layers, this ski allows for a fun and dynamic carving ride even when the ski is bent less energetically by the rider. The FC is suitable for a wide range of skiers, from recreational to sporty ones, and its manoeuvrability will be also appreciated by women and juniors who prefer carving.

In the lengths under 150 cm with a very short radius (less than 9 m), the FC is also fit for carving practice drills and for funcarving. The ski is not ideal for skidded turns and for long turns at a high speed and it’s not suitable for off-piste skiing. A more sporty alternative to this ski is the RFC – a version that contains Titanal.

How they ride:
“While these skis may be predetermined for taking delight in extreme carving, they can be actually easily handled by all categories of skiers – from pros or skidding skiers to those who have just made their first carved turn. The difference between the RFC ski and the FC ski, which are both of the same shape (except that the FC doesn’t contain any Titanal and therefore it’s lighter), lies in the fact that while for the RFC it’s enough to move one’s ear and the ski will start turning, for the FC it’s enough to think of it and the ski will do the same. In my view, both skis are ideal for carving lessons.” (Standa Plecitý (1956), CK Růžový Panter, RFC 155 cm, FC 155 cm)

“Radius 4.5m: this ski is for everyone who wants to throw themselves into carved turns…., it is especially suitable for those who want to start with carved turns, but they (are afraid of, don’t feel like going for, are scared of, are worried about)…a fast ride. Just as the JC 70 opens the carving world to the smallest ones, the FC 110 opens up this world to everyone else.” (Zbyněk Kovářů, JIHLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNÍ s.r.o., FC 110 cm)

“Radius 6 m: this ski is mainly chosen by children and women who have already satisfactorily mastered the carving technique; its short radius will guarantee a safe ride at a reasonable speed.” (Zbyněk Kovářů, JIHLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNÍ s.r.o., FC 120 cm)

“Radius 5.5 m: a revolutionary ski for making cleanly carved turns. The most successful ski used for carving lessons. Its abilities and skills will take every carver by surprise. It can be used as a full-fledged ski.” (Zbyněk Kovářů, JIHLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNÍ s.r.o., FC 125 cm)

“Radius 7 m: this ski combines the two demands of every carver – to allow for making a radical carved turn and, simultaneously, to ensure that the speed the skier is riding at is still safe.” (Zbyněk Kovářů, JIHLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNÍ s.r.o., FC 130 cm)

“Radius 8 m: the most frequent choice of all carvers, including carving instructors. It will allow for making a short and cleanly carved turn, but it will also enable a brisk ride. It can be used as a full-fledged all-day ski even by experienced carvers.” (Zbyněk Kovářů, JIHLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNÍ s.r.o., FC 140 cm)

“A ski for experienced carvers who demand cleanly carved turns and the ability to achieve a higher speed.” (Zbyněk Kovářů, JIHLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNÍ s.r.o., FC 145 - 165 cm)

87° from side
0,5° from the bottom

Mounting point for optional mounting of the binding
(measured from the heel):

110 cm – 48,0 cm
120 cm – 52,0 cm
125 cm – 55,0 cm
130 cm – 57,0 cm
140 cm – 62,0 cm
145 cm – 64,5 cm
150 cm – 67,0 cm
155 cm – 69,5 cm
160 cm – 72,0 cm
165 cm – 74,5 cm


To produce these skis is used quality structured polyamide topsheet from the largest European supplier ISOSPORT.

Lamination layer

For Skis FCT are used in lengths from 110 to 130 cm two biaxial prepreg carrier layer and stiffener, in lengths from 140 to 165 cm are used two triaxial prepreg carrier layer and the stiffener. A prepreg is a cloth that is already completely saturated by the manufacturer. The material is more expensive, but this is the way to eliminate errors in the saturation of the fabric.


We use a woodcore - unidirectional spruce plywood.


This is not the damping while driving but damping the differences in expansion of the material, it ensure that material hold together. As a damping, we use anti-vibration rubber tape with a thickness of 0.2 mm.


On these skis we use quality steel edges, about hardness 48 ° HRC.


In these skis is used a quality sintered racing base from the largest European manufacturer ISOSPORT.

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about our company  
Galus Industries Ltd. is a Czech manufacturer of skis, snowboards and other sports equipment, located in a town of Zacler. In 2000, our company started producing limited quantity of high-performance racing skis for the Czech market under the brand nameLUSTi. Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality equipment at a very attractive price point. Our Company also produces summer sports equipment, such as longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards.