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JC offers an extreme carving experience to the smallest kids. Despite their minimum length, the skis insist on the maximum possible carving style. The ski is distinguished by minimum longitudinal stiffness so that even low-weight children were able to bend the ski even at low speeds. Thus, the smallest kids will get their hands on the sharpest funcarving weapon which, at a particular development stage, significantly accelerates and, in particular, makes the development of the specific skills of little skiers more exciting.



Thanks to its design and parameters, this versatile ski is suitable for all types of snow. The composition and hardness of the wooden core is the same as for the skis of the CWR 84 category with two Titanal sheets. In addition, this ski has a small rocker (reverse camber) in the tip, which makes it easier to initiate a turn.



A nicely carved ski, with the widest tip point moved towards the waist, a 35-cm-long free rocker, a camber as far as the slightly lifted tail and with an overall softer construction. Add an excellent weight and you have a great ski both for free ski touring and for skiing on chopped up slopes.



This agile and sporty slalom ski combines both performance and fun. The dimensions of this ski indicate that it excels in short and medium turns on a groomed slope.

The reinforced construction of the wooden core at the front of the ski and two Titanal sheets ensure that the PC 71 is stable and accurate even at higher speeds and in more dynamic skiing modes.

Very quality gear for experienced riders and lovers of the carving G-force. The options above 170 cm provide an interesting ratio between the natural radius and length of the ski and riding these skis is a unique sport experience. The PC 71 is not ideal for skidded turns and is not very suitable for off-piste skiing.

How they ride:
“Definitely the most playful and entertaining ski I have ever had. Thanks to a shifted geometry, when you stand almost right at the centre of the ski, it is very easy to change edges in between turns. The skis are significantly carved so even I, who is 160 cm tall, opted for the 175-cm version and it was a great experience, because even on such a long ski I was able to make slalom turns. I felt extremely secure and confident about these skis. If you love carving, then these skis are an excellent choice.” (Radka Luštincová (1990), PC 71 170 cm)

“An excellent ski for sporty skiers. One must understand it – "in the beginning, she likes to be pushed more over the tip"! And if you do this, she will reward you with a brilliant edge grip, even on the ice. The 160-cm version is ideal for my 75 kg, but the lengths of 160 to 165 will comprise a wide range of skiers (both male and female) from approx. 65 kg up to infinity.” (Standa Plecitý (1956), CK Růžový Panter, PC 71 160 cm)



The LP 72 are women’s downhill skis which are more suitable for medium and long turns and which will please a wide range of women skiers, even though they are mainly targeted at the sportier ladies. Just as any other ski of the LP category, this high-performance, sporty, women’s ski has only one Titanal sheet and is thus more easily manoeuvrable, yet solid and reliable enough even at higher speeds. LP 72 are simply obedient, easy to manoeuvre and even minimum effort will turn your ride into a perfect skiing experience.



The FIS JUNIOR RACE SG is a junior race ski designed for super giant slalom. This dynamic and harder ski can be really handled only by a racer or an excellent skier. The FJR SG is suitable for long turns. The design of the ski predetermines it for excellent performances on race tracks.



An all mountain freestyle ski for girls.



The design of these skis predetermines them for a very wide range of skiers (from total beginners to more advanced skiers) and for various types of surfaces (i.e. these skis do not require groomed slopes only).

Compared to the PC (Performance Carving) category, riding these skis is not that demanding, whether in terms of style or physical efforts. Not only will they hold up very well during quick carve turns, but they will also allow for rides based on skidded turns.



TOUR 94 give the skier an amazing freedom of movement. They excel in open terrain. Ideal skis for high mountains, where you will enjoy every minute in powder snow during long downhill rides.



A very turnable slalom ski for fast short turns. Extremely playful and agile, ideal for riding on the edge at low and medium speeds.

Thanks to its short radius, a wider and softer tip and a quality cap construction (which is more resilient against chopping off than the sandwich construction) with an all-wood core and triaxial laminated load-bearing layers, this ski allows for a fun and dynamic carving ride even when the ski is bent less energetically by the rider. The FC is suitable for a wide range of skiers, from recreational to sporty ones, and its manoeuvrability will be also appreciated by women and juniors who prefer carving.

In the lengths under 150 cm with a very short radius (less than 9 m), the FC is also fit for carving practice drills and for funcarving. The ski is not ideal for skidded turns and for long turns at a high speed and it’s not suitable for off-piste skiing. A more sporty alternative to this ski is the RFC – a version that contains Titanal.

How they ride:
“While these skis may be predetermined for taking delight in extreme carving, they can be actually easily handled by all categories of skiers – from pros or skidding skiers to those who have just made their first carved turn. The difference between the RFC ski and the FC ski, which are both of the same shape (except that the FC doesn’t contain any Titanal and therefore it’s lighter), lies in the fact that while for the RFC it’s enough to move one’s ear and the ski will start turning, for the FC it’s enough to think of it and the ski will do the same. In my view, both skis are ideal for carving lessons.” (Standa Plecitý (1956), CK Růžový Panter, RFC 155 cm, FC 155 cm)

“Radius 4.5m: this ski is for everyone who wants to throw themselves into carved turns…., it is especially suitable for those who want to start with carved turns, but they (are afraid of, don’t feel like going for, are scared of, are worried about)…a fast ride. Just as the JC 70 opens the carving world to the smallest ones, the FC 110 opens up this world to everyone else.” (Zbyněk Kovářů, JIHLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNÍ s.r.o., FC 110 cm)



A carving ski for kids. The skis are designed for a wide range of little skiers – from beginners to advanced skiers. The ski is fit for edged turns, but it can also handle skidding.



A very versatile freeride ski with a length of 110 mm under the boot and a rocker in the tip, it is designed both for powder and on ski slopes. However, you will enjoy this ski the most in big mountains where there is a mix of powder snow, which is in some spots blown out to the ice level, and icy crusts, but they will also easily handle the firn snow in spring.

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Galus Industries Ltd. is a Czech manufacturer of skis, snowboards and other sports equipment, located in a town of Zacler. In 2000, our company started producing limited quantity of high-performance racing skis for the Czech market under the brand nameLUSTi. Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality equipment at a very attractive price point. Our Company also produces summer sports equipment, such as longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards.